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Goals and Scenarios   arrow

  • Setting Goals
    • Goals can help you reflect upon what you really want to accomplish or preserve. Given limited resources, they can help you focus on what’s most important. They relate to defining what you want your legacy to be – from a business, personal and ecological perspective. 
  • Developing Scenarios 
    • Create plausible, but fictional scenarios about what might happen in a drought situation might help push your thinking to include different types of drought and impacts. Scenarios are used by emergency management professionals to ‘rehearse’ their responses in a disaster like a forest fire. Doing something similar may also help you and your operation think outside the box. Doing such an exercise doesn’t have to be complex. It can be as simple as identifying a few different potential scenarios and image potential responses, like 
      • What if winter 2020/2021 looks like 2018, and prices are low?
      • What if winter 2020/2021 looks like 2018, and prices are high?
      • What if we get a very wet May 2021? 

The future may not look like the past, so while the past provides essential knowledge, thinking outside the box may help you respond to potential scenarios that are not yet seen but possible.